Bless My Heart

High Point, North Carolina is a small town any way you slice it.  It comes roaring to life twice a year during spring and fall furniture markets-  perhaps the only reasons most anyone outside the Piedmont Triad region have heard of it.  The rest of the year lower Main Street and most of the surrounding buildings are closed for business. That doesn’t imply that this sweet little city isn’t alive with activity and potential the remainder of the year.

I am not “from” High Point, North Carolina as most Southerners would be quick to point out.  I was not born here nor does my lineage harken back to the golden era of furniture making in its prime. I care about this place all the same and we decided it’s the place we want to raise our three kids- a place where you know your neighbors, always run into someone you know at the grocery store, and the whole town co,Es out for the local parade down Main.

Truth be told,  this is our second round of living in this small town.  Having moved from Charleston, South Carolina our expectations for living in any other place were skewed.  Gone was the near daily event calendar overload of festivals, dining experiences, and social events.  In its place was a quieter existence and relaxed living that we weren’t ready for at the time.  Now we are back and ready to embrace everything High Point has to offer.  From its graceful neighborhoods to its kind inhabitants, we love this town- and our discoveries have just begun!

This little blog is an account of our adventures in our town as well as the house/arts/craft projects we tackle on a regular basis.  In essence you will be privy to my scatter brained approach to living that makes everyday unique!

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