Paint Prep

I am a momma to three young ones under the age of 10.  I homeschool them all. Needless to say (but obviously I am stating it anyway), stress relievers are important in my life.  I run. I see my girlfriends. I yoga.  But my favorite outlet?  Art.  Be it crafting, painting, sewing,  or other medium, I  am all over it when it comes to chilling out my anxieties.

It’s been a busy week this far with tearing down walls in our master bedroom, ripping up carpet, and teaching three kids at entirely different learning levels simultaneously.   Did I mention we moved into a real fixer upper just over s month ago?  Hence it’s time for a good art sesh.  First step, prime several canvases I picked up  on the cheap from Goodwill.  One good coat of acrylic gesso and these babies will be ready to go for  late night painting (post kids-bedtime is my time!).



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