Goals of the Week and *BONUS* Table Revamp

Every week I begin with a list of goals I want to accomplish.  Most are house and/or art related.  I do. It always accomplish everything on said list, but it does tend to keep me more focused on productive use of my “free” time (is there really such a thing when you have kids?).  My list for this week is-drumroll please- as follows:


My lists tend to be a reflection of my squirrel brain- all over the place.  From making macarons to lots of paint projects,  I can keep myself pretty darn busy.  I hang this on our community cork board where I am reminded of it frequently as another assurance my ideas come to fruition.  Added bonus?  I also have plenty of blog material to push on share with others.

But on to brighter things- literally.  I had been given a dining table by my fabulous MIL. We had used it for years as our primary meal space until it was usurped by another table found in an attic.  So I had a dilemma.  An extra dining table with no place to store it, but I wasn’t willing to give it away (sentimental value, ya’ll).  Solution?  Turn it into an outdoor table.

I completely forgot to take a photo before I sprayed the legs yellow so this is the best shot I got.


I wanted to retain some of the natural wood while still getting a coasta cabana vibe so I taped off for some stripes- one of my many obsessions.


After two coats and a quick water-based polyacrykic sealant, my former indoor table became decidedly outdoor.  After a week and a few rainstorms its repelled water just as expected and holding up marvelously.  This girl is certainly anticipating lots of al fresco dining in my future.

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