Keeping (a) Score

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I adore trash hunting.  I don’t mean literal dumpster diving –yet– but driving around the area the day before trash pickup is a regular occurrence.  It’s rare that I don’t find at least one discarded gem every hunt.  My treasure this time admittedly smelled like smoke and had a disturbing grimy feeling to it, but it’s nothing a quick Dawn soap wipe down couldn’t eradicate.  Here’s my new-to-me throne freshly picked from the curb:


It it had been visibly repaired on the legs and I needed another chair in the house like  a hole in my head.  Solution? Make it an outdoor perch since I had sold all our outdoor furniture to the folks who bought our last abode.  Two coats of leftover Annie Sloan’s  French Linen and stripes in Aubusson Blue had it looking better.  I would have preferred another color entirely, but it didn’t seem worth it to buy a new quart for a piece that I want that fond of. (Sometimes I think I only pick up other people’s discards because they are free and I love a deal!)

I always tend to go for shabby chic as opposed to a perfect, smooth finish when I use Annie Sloan.  My three kids wreak havoc on furniture as my sofa knows all too well- it had to be rebuilt after one too many run-ins.  I beat my kids to the chase by roughing up my trash rehabs first.  That way, any damage they add only adds to the “look”.  The end result?  Another perch to execute some front porch sittin’ and sippin’.


It makes a fitting addition to the hodge podge collection on the front porch if I do say so myself!


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