Take a look, it’s in a nook…

We have been out and about having fun at local museums, parks, and farmer’s markets, but I did remember to take any pictures?  Of course not.  I have a tendency to get lost in the moment as opposed to capturing it for posterity.  That means I will just have to follow up on my last week’s to-do list– specifically item numerous dos:  dress-up the home office.

First of all, this little cranny in our upstairs attic bedroom was a closet when we moved in.  I made the executive decision that it would be put to better use as a home office for Aaron. Eventually we will undertake a more comprehensive remodel upstairs, but I couldn’t stare at this any longer without taking action.


Between the the fake paneling, cheap carpet and pure ugly of the space it was depressing to say the least.  My initial plan was simply to paint the cubby and be done, but me being me, that is never good enough.  So I ripped up the carpet.  Painted the walls. Painted the floor. Stenciled the desk top (a repurposed door).  Added a cork board and stenciled that.  Made curtains to conceal my hoard of magazines.  And…fell into a heap of exhaustion and questioned why I spent so much effort on something that will eventually be redone with the rest of the room.  Let’s see the results shall we?


Though this is Aaron’s space i couldn’t help but add a few sentimental touches.  Like the plein air painting I did on a piece of found slate while we camped on Lake Champlain in Vermont.


Or a little bowl of shells and sea glass from some of our favorite places: Prince Edward Island, Dominican Republic, and various Charleston barrier islands.


Considering that this whole effort utilized materials leftover from other projects, I will consider it largely a success.  At least I don’t have stare at a nook of despair any longer! On a side note, did anyone get the Reading Rainbow reference in the title? I doubt I will ever forget that song- well played LeVar Burton.

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