Spring Inspiration

Thanks to a college friend I learned the love of walking.  Not just any old stroll, but miles of placing one foot in front of the other.  While it began because her car broke down miles from our then apartment, it continued because of the wonderful chats we had and exercise’s magical ability to ease stress.

Fast forward to present day and I still enjoy my epic walks.  I try to go several times a week if schedule permits.  I’ve since discovered an added benefit: feeling a part of the changing of seasons.  Frequent walks clue me in to the caucophy of wildlife in the summer, subtle changing of leaves in the fall, expose forests in winter, and showcase new life in Spring.  Recently on a walk I came across several robin egg remnants on the sidewalk, striking because of their brilliant blue hue.  I knew immediately I had to paint my own rendition.

While Aaron took the kids to the dentist I had a free moment to render my vision.  It still needs a frame, but- just like a good walk- painting it washed away a whole week of stress.


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