Mothers’s Day Gift Like a (em)Boss

Mother’s Day is coming up and whether you wait until the last minute, prepare months ahead, or forgot altogether I still have an easy gift idea for you: spoon plant markers.


I picked up two spoons for a quarter each at the local thrift.  I would have gotten more, but they only had two spoons.  I hammered them both flat against a concrete surface- a process that took less than a minute for each.


I then hammered the plant names using a metal letter/number set I have had for years.  You can pick up a similar one for less than $10 at Hobby Lobby- don’t forget the 40% coupon!- Amazon, Michael’s or other decently stocked craft store.  I didn’t bother marking a straight line since being disheveled is practically my motto.

A few drops of your hammer and the the stamps appear.  There’s no need to beat the dickens out of it, particularly as this will have the likely consequence of making your stamp slip and ruining your spoon. 


At this point I like to rub a little black paint in my embossed letters to make the words pop.  I use an acrylic paint in Mars Black, but that is just my preference.  Smear it on, wipe it off, and -wahlah!- cute plant markers that are perfect for a housewarming, hostess, birthday, Mother’s Day…you get the point.  And you are welcome.


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