The Horse Before the Cart

I’m baaaaaacckkkk (said in Jack Nicholas’ creepy voice of course)!  So it’s been a while since I have posted.  Why?  Because I was busy enjoying myself immensely along the sandy shores of South Carolina.  Salt air, ocean breezes, sand between my toes….is it any wonder blogging was postponed? Thoughts of my pending house, craft, art, and yard projects nevertheless niggled at the back of my brain.

I have been crazy busy painting and landscaping, but-until those projects are complete- let’s discuss my newest acquisition:  a fantastic midcentury bar cart.


A family friend was cleaning out a closet and decided to part with the cart (yay for me!).  Considering that new versions- like this West Elm beauty- are going for $399 I am super happy to have one myself for FREE.


(Click Here for Source)

Or this one selling for $999 by Williams and Sonoma.


(Click Here for Source)

 This ole girl is a beauty despite the fact the brass plating is corroded in multiple areas.  I thickly applied tomato paste in the hopes that it was just surface rust ( the tomato acid eats through it leaving behind shiny brass),  my wishful thinking was a bust.  The rust was too deep too leave the cart as is- unless I wanted the down and out look ( note: I don’t).


I sanded the metal using 400 grit sandpaper to remove the bubbled texture and then spray painted it using a hammered copper hue.  The results? The big reveal will be later in the week.

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