Horse Before the Cart (part deux)

I shared news of my good fortune the other day on receiving this fabulous bar cart.


After realizing the brass couldn’t be salvaged I meandered on down to the local hardware store (re: Lowe’s) and picked up not one, but two cans of painter’s delight- otherwise known as spray paint of course.  I used rustoleum’s hammered copper and their frosted glass product for the glass shelves.  If you’re going to redo something you might as well touch every aspect right?

Due to torrential downpours the realization of my bar cart dreams were put on hold until yesterday.  After the sun finally peaked it’s lovely face from behind the clouds I gave my cans a good shake (read into that what you will) and went to work.  While I would admittedly have the cart remain brass, the remade version ain’t so shabby.


Until we move into our new place (yes, we are moving again but more on that later) it will simply hold court on the front porch, serving as a resting spot for some home decorating magazines and a cold glass of white wine in the evenings.  Cheers!


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