Feeling Gray

Summer is hard work ya’ll.  Having to choose between the pool, lake house, or going to the beach makes a girl stress and…..I am being completely facetious.  I love summer and its heat, vegetable and fruit bounty, and glorious long days!  But does that stop me from getting projects done?  Of course not (even if I am slow to post about them).

Okay. So let’s get to one of my many ongoing projects at the moment.  Seriously.  I have at least four different ones going on simultaneously.  Today, however, we will take a gander at the downstairs bathroom.  I failed to get a true “before” photo of the ugly plastic tile board the previous owner had glued on the walls, but here is a section that is in much better shape than the rest of it.  Don’t let looks fool you…it does NOT look tile.  It’s clear from the second you walk in that it is plastic.


My better half informed me that redoing the bathroom would have to wait, which I knew to be code word for “its not likely to happen in my lifetime”.   So I did what any reasonable person would do and ripped down a huge section, making it absolutely necessary that we would have to work on it sooner than later.  What can I say? What a girl wants a girl should get.

Since we are putting the house on the market soonand we have lots of other things to get done, we were not looking to undertake a full renovation.  We chose to go with a white subway tile for the bath surround (to be completed in the next few weeks by a professional- I have my limitations ya’ll)- and beadboard for the rest of the room.  Here’s the bead board up and ready for paint.


I painted the beadboard “Passive” by Sherwin Williams in flat- a great neutral gray that pulls in light and makes most rooms look fantastic.  The top half I painted in “Dovetail”, also by SW and also in flat.  I painted the vanity using leftover Annie Sloan chalk paint in French Linen, polying it after two coats.  Last but not least I painted the small nook using the same Dovetail, repainted the trim white, spray painted the existing light fixture a matte dark gray, I stalled a new “throne”, and hung formal artwork (I call it formal due to the heavy gold frames) high so as to draw the eye upward and make the room feel bigger.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No project is complete without some natural element in my book. In this case, I replaced the store bought towel ring next to the sink with a driftwood “hook”  I picked up on the shores of Lake Cumberland last summer.  It added a nice touch of interest to an otherwise ho-hum space.


Whoo.  That was a lot and it’s not even done yet! Left to be completed is the tile work as mentioned earlier and the molding that will cap the beadboard, along with finish work like recaulking, etc. Considering the entire project has cost less than $300 so far, I would say that we made the right choice to go with beadboard- from both a cost and labor/time perspective.  When it’s officially “done” I will share more photos!

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