Power Up

Today’s topic is all about snacking, but as simple as that subject is, I feel the unnecessary need to give lots of backstory. First, we snack a LOT.  My husband feels that the kids and I nosh continuously all day and he is most likely right.  We are constantly on the move and rarely make the opportunity to sit down for three square a day. In between breakfast and dinner we average 16 snacks a day between us.  Seriously.

My challenge is making sure that those snacks are relatively healthy but still kid approved.  I have done the whole Pinterest route and seen the marvelous snacks other moms make- making all manner of creatures using fruits, vegetables, peanut butter, pretzels, etc.  I mean, who comes up with this stuff?!  My reality is that taking ten or more minutes to create fantastical snacks 4-5 times days equates to almost an hour of time I don’t have to spare.

I found an awesome addition to our snacking repertoire the other day while relaxing   Lake side. Behold, an easy energy bar recipe from the free Canadian magazine, Food & Drink.


This magazine is produce by the LCBO- Liquor Control Board of Ontario- and it is chock full of awesome recipes.  When a family friend brings down a stack each visit it’s like Christmas.  The energy bar recipe was in the Spring 2017 edition, was super easy to make and can be found here.

I dehyrdrated my own apples since  I had some on hand that were too mealy to be good eating.  I also added a mixed bag of nuts that included pistachios, almonds, and walnuts as opposed to just the pecans the recipe called for. I do declare that this is one of the few times that my attempt looks better than the recipe photo!


My five years old daughter practically made these herself, they were so easy. The best part?  They are delicious, great on the go, and my kids love them.  A win all around!

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