Head in the Clouds

It’s a rainy, overcast day here in High Point.  On these days it can be a challenge to keep the kids occupied and off each other’s- and my- nerves.  Luckily, they have strong imagination skills and conjure adventures for themselves even stuck inside. The good news for me is that while they are busy building blanket forts, going on “official missions”, and otherwise strewing toys throughout the house, I can pull out my bin of acrylics and undertake a mission of my own.

For about a month, I have wanted to try my hand at clouds.  Being forced indoors due to the weather provided the opportunity I needed to tackle the formidable cumulonimbus- aka rain clouds.  I have since learned they are harder than they look.

For my “canvas” I used one of Aaron’s plywood scraps roughly measuring 4′ x 2.5′.  It’s a good size that felt good to tackle.


First step was painting my sky background using a simple mix of Mars black, cobalt blue, and titanium white.


Given that this is my first time attempting clouds I am trying to be lenient with myself for the end result.  Next time I plan to paint with a lighter hand for a more ethereal feel. This feels a little heavy and cartoonish if I am honest with myself! Good thing A is always working on some project that leave plenty of scrap to work with!


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