All In a Day’s Work

Folks, fixing up two houses is no joke.   While I absolutely love doing endless house projects- and I say that with only the slightest amount of sarcasm- it can get overwhelming. Particularly when it is summer and your three offspring are clamoring for things to do.  Part of me has considered locking them outside until dark, leaving occasional lunch, snacks, and beverages for their sustenance on the porch.  The other part of me feels guilty and wants to be super mom, providing them the most awesome summer experience ever.  Solution?  Compromise.  Mommy does a project each morning on the house while they play and amuse themselves.  After lunch we go to the pool or some other fun destination.  In the end we are both happy.

So testimonial aside- can I get an Amen?- let’s look at the randomness that has become my projects lately.  Repaint garage? Check.  Repair and repaint back deck?  Check.  Repaint and caulk porch ceiling? Check.  Begin repainting exterior of house? Started.  Hence my neglect in posting lately is completely justified.

Let’s start with the garage.  It had to be pressure washed first due to all the algae build-up on the sunless side.  And painting textured stucco?  Not fun.  My arms received quite the workout trying to force paint in all the nooks and crannies.  Since I didn’t have the original paint color for the house or garage I color matched it to Valspar’s “Autumn Fog” in an exterior flat.  I also used a special roller pad made for stucco.  It’s thick pile soaked up a lot of paint but was quite useful in applying paint to the texture. Behold, before and after.


On to the next project: painting the deck.  There were several boards that had exceeded their life expectancy and they were duly replaced.  Everything was pressure washed and coated with my new favorite product for weather wood: Rustoleum’s 10x Advanced Resurfacer.  It was absolutely impressive in filling in the cracks.  My only complaints are that it has to be applied thickly and hence doesn’t cover a lot of area.  Two gallons was enough to complete my ~16″ by 16″ deck.

Word of advice:  Shake up the cans really well!  The sand (?) tends to sink to the bottom and as you near the end of the can it gets too thick to apply properly.  Here is the before and after:

I also did a number on my knee with this project.  Another word of advice:  use knee pads!  I unfortunately learned this lesson the hard way.  The good news is that I heal quickly!

Okay onto the next ongoing project: the front porch.  This area is/was pretty rough.  Seeing as how its the first impression of our home I was anxious to improve its curb appeal.  While you will have to wait to see some after shots here’s one that demonstrates how discolored the front facade had become:


The paint on the left side is the same as used on the garage.  The right side…I’m just not sure how became so dingy (and this is post pressure washing!).   Pollution?  Cheap paint? It remains a mystery…as does the completion of this particular project.  Fingers crossed I continue to stay productive and knocking out my to-do list on this house so I can begin work on the other property.  A girl’s work is never done!

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