Porch Delight

It’s becoming a running theme that by day’s end I am plum exhausted.  As the Lord is  my witness, I don’t do much sitting during waking hours.  Come evening, however, I love to sit on the front porch swing and watch the fireflies come out at dusk.  Except my front porch looked like this:


Cue Debbie Downer.  Instead of relaxing and letting my mind drift, I was cringing at the need to mend/sand/ paint everything.  After one evening too many looking at my decrepit stoop, I got to work. First order of business was replacing rotten boards on the floor. Not the most glamorous work, but a necessity.  After a good sanding, it was ready for paint.  The good folks at Lowe’s recommended Valspar’s Porch, Floor, and Patio paint.

While pouring it out in my tray I was skeptical about coverage since it was so thin.  Thank goodness I was wrong and it covered like a champ!

Time lapse through the other steps: paint ceiling, reprint front facade, spray paint swing from black to red, stencil outdoor rug salvaged from a trash like, put everything back and- wahlah!  A much nicer place to enjoy a breezy evening.  All in a  day’s work!

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Next in ongoing remodeling is having the columns re-stuccoed.  The old stucco was chunking off; I helped it along with my trusty sledgehammer.  In a few weeks time, our front porch is going to be looking sharp as a tack ( and I will be more than happy to celebrate with a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc while perched atop my rosy swing!). Cheers ya’ll!

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