This Little Light of Mine

There are a lot of things I adore, among them thrifting, crafting, finding good lighting….and when theses things converge I am ecstatic.  Like, “let’s share it with the world via this blog!” ecstatic.

Since the former occupants of the house we bought down the street ripped out all the light fixtures along with leaving plentiful axe marks throughout, I needed lights.  Builder grade just doesn’t excite me hence my search for unique lighting that doesn’t break the bank (I’m thrifty. Don’t judge.).  For a quick sneak peak here’s the house (notice the plywood where panes of glass should be; also victims of the axe):


I already purchased this light for the dining room from National Furniture Supply:


The light I bought today from Salvation Army set me back $45.  Yay!


I decided to experiment with refacing the white candle sleeves with paper from Hobby Lobby.  This set me back about $.75.  Compare that with ones you get from a company like Kaarskoker that, at their least expensive, still run $4 a sleeve. While beautiful, making your own is still the best bet in my opinion.

I selected a wood plank look paper simple because it was neutral and I was indecisive in the store.  The good news is that they can always be recovered should I want to change the look.


I meaured my strips using a sleeve as my guide.  I cut my strips then cut them again so each piece would just overlap around the sleeve itself. Using spray adhesive, I sprayed each sheet individually  let it sit for ~15 seconds, then wrapped the sleeves. I was done with all six in less than 10 minutes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the end result?  Let’s just say I think it will look rather fantastic hanging in the living room.


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